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Pokerbility is a personal odds calculator, providing with odds and recommendations while playing online poker in real time. It serves as an automatic mentor and advisor while you learn the ropes of poker. Pokerbility is currently one of the most popular additions to the online poker world.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Whoever came up with the statement “right from the horse’s mouth” has probably never had their face anywhere near the maw of an equine. Being one who was raised around horses I will say that this is not a place you want your nose anywhere near. The sentiment behind the saying though, is that you need to hear something from the original source. did just that when they interview Jeff Brinks, Vice President of Pokerbility.

This in-depth interview with one of the creative minds behind the industries best poker odds calculator covers a number of subjects from how the product was developed and why it is light years ahead of any of its competitors to such silly subjects as is using Pokerbility a legal form of cheating? The accuracy of the product does give the player an “unfair” edge over other novice and average as well as elevating their game to the level of an expert.

It is fascinating to hear how Pokerbility has used mathematicians, engineers, and professional poker players to develop this product and make it the dominant tool among the odds calculators available to the public.